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Farscape LIMS

Farscape Last Icon Maker Standing
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The Rules.

1. Sign Up. As of September 16th 2009, Round #08 sign ups are open. Put the word "Starburst" as your subject so we know you've read the rules! Screw this, I don't care about a "keyword", just give me the username you're using to make your icons.

2. You must enter every challenge or else you will be disqualified. If you are going to be away or are too busy in RL, you may opt out of one challenge per round. You must comment to let us know you won't be entering. And if you miss more than one challenge you will be disqualified.

3. Your icon must use the challenge's screencap. It can be still, textless, basically anything as long as it uses the challenge's screencap.

4. Do not post your icon anywhere until after voting has concluded.

5. Don't want to participate? Feel free to friend/join the community and vote!


Anyone can vote. No anonymous votes will be accepted.

Every challenge you will vote for one or two icons (depending on the number of participants) that you like the least. You must give a reason -- ex. coloring, blurry, over-sharp, etc. Just don't put stupid reasons :P

We will also vote for our favorite icon in each challenge. Reasons are not necessary, but appreciated.

Voting Format:

#: Reason
Favorite: Reason (if you want).

If you ask friends to vote, do not tell them which icon is yours.


Icons will be due 7 days from the challenge post date.


Questions? Ask them over at the FAQ Post.


If you wish to affiliate, please comment here.

ar_icontest - Battlestar Galactica, Adama/Roslin icontest
birthday_celebs - Icontest dedicated to celebrities who are celebrating their birthdays during the two weeks of the running challenge
bsg_lims - Battlestar Galactica Lims
bsgstillness - Battlestar Galactica, regular stillness
celebritylims - Misc. Celebrities Lims
chiefstillness - Battlestar Galactica, Chief stillness
claudia_stills - Claudia Black stillness
firefly_lims - Firefly Lims
fs_icontest - Farscape Icontest
julietstills - Lost, Juliet Burke Stillness
karastillness - Battlestar Galactica, Kara Thrace stillness
liz_geekgoddess - Elizabeth Mitchell Community
lims_heroes - Heroes Lims
lims_hp - Harry Potter Lims
lims_twilight - Twilight Lims
lantis_lims - Stargate Atlantis Lims
neptunelims - Veronica Mars Lims
nextpicture - General Challenge, you post one picture, someone else makes an icon out of it and posts the next picture, and so the neverending circle of fun begins ^___^
p3_lims - Charmed Lims
sawyer_lims - Lost, Sawyer Lims
scifi_abc - Alphabet icon challenge for all things science fiction and fantasy
scifi_icontest - Scifi Icontest for various shows (BSG, FS, SG-1 ... )
scifi100 - Another icon100 community
scrubslims - Scrubs Lims
stargate20in20 - Stargate Challenge, make 20 icons in 20 days
stargate_stills - Stargate stillness
sga_lims - Stargate Atlantis Lims
tv_lims - TV Lims
tvgirl_lims - Television Actresses Lims
v_lims - V Lims, for the tv show "V"
winslet_lims - Kate Winslet Lims
you_choose_ic - General icon challenge with 5 different themes


Round #01: samertia.
Round #02: dasku
Round #03: reve_lucide.
Round #04: shayrena
Round #05: kevinkr
Round #06: totallybalanced
Round #07: padabee

Overrides by resplandor
Mini DRD's by angeliquesg