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02 June 2010 @ 01:27 pm
Round #08, Challenge #13  
Welcome to Round #08, Challenge #13 of fs_lims!

[x] lifeistoobrevis
[x] butterfly8772
[ ] realproof



- You may submit only two icons (however you may change your entry if you come up with something better).
- You must visibly use the provided cap.
- Post your icon with the IMG SRC as well as the URL.
- Don't post your icon anywhere else until voting has finished.
- No Animations
- Blending of the two images is allowed

We're nearing the end of this Round, so I'd like to get two icons of you.
Blending is allowed, animation not.



Cap from farscapecaps.com

Deadline: Monday June 7th, 21.59 GMT.
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